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What Can Your CAPS Mobile App Do For You?
  • This CAPS Mobile App is the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) in the palm of your hand! CAPS is a system that enable you to identify, analyze, diffuse and track aggressive behaviors (escalating or de-escalating) over time; aggressive behaviors such as bullying, harassment, abuse and violence.
  • ​CAPS Mobile App determines the level of aggression and thereby the degree of threat (Low, Moderate and High). This App’s findings can be shared with a Threat Assessment Team, Human Resources, Management or any other individual with an CAPS Mobile App.
  •  The Secret Service and the FBI have stated that the only reliable way to identify a future shooter is by identifying “someone on the path to violence.” This CAPS Mobile App contains scientifically-validated, objective, measurable observables of "someone on the path to violence."
  •  CAPS Mobile App uses no mental health, culture, gender, education, age or sexual orientation in its aggression assessment, it therefore does not conflict, nor contravene, HIPAA or Privacy regulations.
  • On the off chance that you are threatened by an active shooter, a knife wielding aggressor, a suicide bomber, or someone trying to take you or others as a hostage, the CAPS Mobile App will offer suggested Best Practice responses.

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